What a Wonderful School year!

H.O.P.E. Twentieth Anniversary

H.O.P.E. Brochure – How to Start a Prayer Center at your School

We Pray for Schools

We are teachers, social workers, administrators, school nurses, secretaries, parents, grandparents, neighbors, born-again Christians who have answered the call to pray for our schools. We are humbled and privileged to be in the Lord’s service. We delight in prayer.

Enforcing Your God-Given Authority in our Schools!


As born again believers, we have been given authority in our schools, whether you are an administrator, teacher, staff, student or parent. Ephesian 2:5-6 tell us we have been made alive, raised up, and seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Because we have been granted this positional seating, we are far above all the attacks, maneuvers and plans of the enemy. This includes, but is not limited to violence and destruction to our schools. Our schools can be safe and protected.

God, in his grace and kindness toward us has granted this authority. It is by faith that we must enforce and release authority.

How so? Using the name of Jesus. Begin today, releasing your faith in Jesus’ name and His Blood, for peaceful schools, free of violence and destruction. Command God’s protection over our schools (Isaiah 45:11). Job 22:28 says if we decree a thing, it will be established.

Decree your school is protected 24 hours 7 days a week from violence because of Jesus’ name and His precious Blood.

Watch the Supernatural Power of God at work in our schools!

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