Peaceful Opening of Schools


In the name of Jesus, we thank you that the opening of our school year is peaceful, calm and free of any violent disturbances. We declare, Jesus, you are the very core and existence of our schools; therefore, we look to the Prince of Peace as our refuge, stronghold and mighty presence. We declare all the provisions of Psalm 91 over our schools. Our schools rest and abide in your presence.

Our schools are a safe and quiet dwelling place.

The Blood of Jesus covers and protects every area of our schools:  classrooms, offices, media center, cafeteria, gym, trailers, and bus loading zones.

We charge the Angels to watch over and protect our schools. We bind the spirits of rebellion, division, fear and violence over our schools. We release a spirit of love, power, soundness of mind, unity and peace. We take authority over any spirit that would attempt to cause disruption in our schools.

We declare there will be no:


Shooting sprees

Bullying tactics


Acts of terrorism committed against our schools, colleges or universities

We thank you that our administrators, teachers, students and all staff at our school are safe and free of any danger or peril.  They are at peace because the Prince of Peace reigns.  No weapon formed against our schools will prosper.  We condemn every tongue that rises in judgment against our schools.

We declare Grace,  Grace to our schools.

This confession is based on:

Psalm 91
Luke 24: 25-53
John 10:10
Isaiah 32:18
Revelation 12:10
Matthew 28:18-20
Isaiah 54:17


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    Sandra says

    We have been blessed to hear of a plethora of peaceful school openings! God Jehovah is so faithful to hear and give us the petitions we ask of Him!

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