June 18, 2014

I met the ladies of H.O.P.E nearly ten years ago when I was first appointed principal. Words will not adequately convey the impact they have had not only on the school but on my family and me. I find myself presenting prayer requests to them frequently, and this has occurred over the years.

While I could cite several situations confirming the fact that the prayers of this righteous group of Ladies have availed much, I will briefly describe only two.

The first situation involved one of the latest trends occurring in schools today, one that had the potential to wreak havoc on the school and its community. When I presented the issue to HOPE, they immediately went into prayer, and one of them said to me, “This situation will not disturb the atmosphere of that school.” With a grateful heart, I can state that the situation had absolutely no bearing on our atmosphere, and it presented itself for two years; the atmosphere was not disturbed one iota. To God be the glory!

The second situation involved a student bringing a very deadly weapon to school, and when the student crossed the threshold, I believe the spirit of the Lord took control, resulting in that student immediately seeking help from a staff member and self-reporting the possession of a weapon. The student informed the staff member exactly where to locate the weapon and presented no resistance. To God be the glory. With a grateful heart, I can state that I know it was the prayers that have gone forth in and for the school by the Ladies of H.O.P.E. that ushered in this outcome.

Every school in America needs such a group of committed Christian women who pray for schools daily. They bring the GOD factor, and that is the only device that we have to eradicate the tragedies occurring in school’s today.

On behalf of my family, my school, and the school community, thank you, Ladies of H.O.P.E.



12 Years and Counting

I have known the prayer warriors of HOPE for 12 years.  Through the years, they have prayed many prayers for me and for the students in my classroom and school. This past year, my 18th, proved to be one of the hardest years of my career.  I know I would not have made it through it without HOPE.  There was one student in particular who made my job extremely difficult.  He had failed at least one grade prior to entering my fourth grade classroom.  At 5’5″ he was only 2 inches shorter than me and already much bigger than me and the other students in class.  He used his size to his advantage whenever possible. Many of the other students were afraid of him. He could and sometimes would pick them up and toss them aside.  During the first semester, he was a frequent resident in the front office and he was suspended for 3 to 5 days at a time.  His also threw tantrums when he did not want to do something as simple as putting his name on his paper.  Books and papers would go flying across the room most days.

Thankfully, HOPE kept us on their prayer list.

During the second semester, I finally convinced the administration that something was wrong and my student needed help. They were able to have him tested again and this time, he was given some services.  The changes began to show.  He still threw tantrums, but the books and papers stayed in place instead of landing across the room.  Although he grew 5 more inches and much bigger, he did not strike or pick up and toss any more students.

In the end, we both survived this school year.  It could have been much worse,  but I am grateful for the prayers that were prayed by HOPE.

-N. P.



I am so thankful for the women of HOPE. In the spring, I was given the opportunity to teach first grade for a teacher on maternity leave. As a retired teacher, and being out of the classroom for the past 10 years, I found the assignment to be overwhelming. Praise God, that we have support in the body of Christ! These women took on my task and became my spiritual support, and lifeline. I found myself physically tired, emotionally drained and challenged by the curriculum, the schedule, and the students. I needed to be focused on the bigger picture; the spiritual and the kingdom assignments. WOW! What difference it made for me. To be reminded that the opportunity had more to do with the revelation of what goes on in schools now, how to focus our prayers to intercede for our schools and to do it with a personal passion because you KNOW the challenges.

Thank you ladies, God bless each of you!